Hi, I'm Hannah...

I am a one of these people lucky enough to call myself a bit of a digital nomad. At the moment, I'm based in Brisbane, Australia where I am beginning my doctoral studies as part of a research project exploring journalism beyond the crisis. The 'digital' and 'nomadic' bit accounts for the online work I've had for the past few years, and the fact that on any given day I could be working from well, Brisbane (or anywhere, really), with colleagues in New Zealand, the Netherlands, Denmark or Germany. 

Given all this it's fair to say I'm also a bit of a self-reflective media nerd. This website is my space to discuss some of my thoughts connecting media, journalism, culture and identity. It serves as my portfolio and blog, and I suppose a bit of a travel archive too. Sometimes I get ranty about the future of journalism, but these days I am trying to focus on media innovation both online and offline. If you're interested in any of these topics, you can read my work and that of a bunch of awesome journalists in book Reimagining Journalism

I'm always interested in chatting about the future of journalism, digital divides, the relevance of j-schools or collaborating with other media researchers and creatives, like 116 studio - who gets a shout out for this awesome donuts pic, shot in the beautiful Napier, New Zealand. And in case the photo doesn't give it away, I can always be won over by food. Just saying. 

Thanks for stopping by!