Hi, I'm Hannah...

I am a one of these people lucky enough to call myself a bit of a digital nomad. I have a dream job working between Europe and the South Pacific running social media and an alumni network for global network of journalism post-graduates. I am also about to start a PhD in journalism studies, and work part time as an associate editor at an open access, creative commons academic publishing house.

Given my occupation(s) it's fair to say I'm also a bit of a media nerd. This website is my space to discuss some of my thoughts connecting media, journalism, culture and identity. It serves as my portfolio and blog, and I suppose a bit of a travel archive too. Sometimes I get ranty about the future of journalism, but these days I am trying to focus on media innovation both online and offline. If you're interested in any of these topics, you can read my work and that of a bunch of awesome journalists in book Reimagining Journalism

I'm always interested in chatting about the future of journalism, the relevance of j-schools or collaborating with other media researchers and creatives, like 116 studio - who gets a shout out for this awesome donuts pic, shot in the beautiful Napier, New Zealand. And in case the photo doesn't give it away, I can always be won over by food. Just saying. 

Thanks for stopping by!