Hi, I'm Hannah...

I used to be a journalist, now I’m not so certain. These days, I am a communications professional who loves to put my journalism background to use across a range of projects, normally involving some mix of editing, researching, writing, reflecting, teaching and/or publishing. Sometimes I even ‘do’ journalism.

It’s an exciting time to not know exactly what to call myself.

The world of journalism is colliding with that of storytelling and a range of other communications niches. Of course, there are a host of things not going so well in the world of journalism. But, I am enthused by the amount of people creating meaningful, beautiful, engaging content—both online and offline. This is the work I like to support and reflect on and be part of helping sustain and create.

I’m interested in diversity in journalism, the use of instagram for storytelling and journalism, the intersections of advocacy with journalism, creative practice and journalism, art and journalism, offline storytelling projects that like spoken word, political theatre, multimedia poetry, all things podcasting, network building and network supporting.

Phew, that’s a lot of interest. I also like cake, which is not journalism. And walking. Often walking for cake.

If you want to chat about journalism or storytelling, preferably over cake or while walking, you’ll find my contact details and a few other tidbits of information, over on the left.

Thanks for stopping by!