Hi, I'm Hannah...

I am a writer, researcher and occasional journo based in Brisbane, Australia. Most of my work centres on exploring themes of identity, diversity, belonging and place. I am particularly interested in the role of media in shaping our understandings of ourselves and others. 

In the pursuit for a deeper understanding of these topics I’ve travelled across the Pacific Ocean by yacht, spent time discussing climate change in Vanuatu, marched in pride parades in New Zealand, Australia and German, and lived in six different countries. It's kept me challenged and excited and enthusiastic about life over the past seven years or so.

This website is a space for curating my written work during this time. You'll find a range of research outputs, journalistic pieces, commentary, opinion, travel and review pieces under the portfolio section.

Occasionally, I get all emotional about the state of the news media, and blog about it too. On that note - if you're also interested in understanding what's going on with the media at the moment, I'd recommend reading Don't Dream It's Over: Reimagining Journalism in Aotearoa New Zealand by Freerange Press. I produced a chapter for this book and was lucky enough to have my work featured alongside many of New Zealand's most respected voices on journalism. I've also written about NGO journalism in the Pacific, the article is out now in Journalism Studies.

I've recently started as the Media and Climate editor at Impolitikal, a media platform with a focus on social, political and economic issues. We're a small team building a media alternative that questions norms and interrogates power, by sharing perspectives not often aired via mainstream routes. Come visit us at Impolitikal.

Thanks for stopping by!