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 Field work on the remote Tabuarean Atoll ( accessible on by boat) , Line Island Group, Kiribati. Image: Katherine Terrell

Field work on the remote Tabuarean Atoll (accessible on by boat), Line Island Group, Kiribati. Image: Katherine Terrell

I have a Bachelor of Communications Studies majoring in journalism, and started my career as a general news reporter for a metropolitan paper, covering arts, culture and environment in central Auckland.

Since leaving the paper I've continued to work as a freelance journalist with a particular interest on culture, identity and environment. You can find a selection of my work outputs under portfolio. Over the years I've also worked in communications for several non-profit organisations - from a grassroots nationwide charity for queer and gender diverse youth to a global, intergovernmental NGO set up by the UN to provide funding opportunities for grassroots businesses in developing countries, and a small, open access academic publishing house. My focus in these organisations has been working on communications strategy, website and social media management as well as media relations. 

A highlight of my career has been taking a month off to travel through the central Pacific Ocean aboard yacht Sea Dragon. The crew were tracking plastic pollution in the Pacific gyres as well as researching the state of remote coral reefs and the challenges and successes of small island life. I traveled with the crew from Kiritimati Island in Kiribati, on to Tabuearan Island, Kiribati, and then to Honolulu, Hawai'i. This culminated in me filing several stories on my return, and securing an interview with then President of Kiribati, Anote Tong. 

I also have a joint Erasmus Mundus Master's Master degree (with excellence) in Journalism, Media and Globalisation from Aarhus University and Universität Hamburg.

This was completed between Aarhus, Denmark, Hamburg, Germany and Auckland, New Zealand. My thesis focused on the digital news production practises of the grassroots, Vanuatu branch of global climate advocacy NGO, for which I completed field work in and around Port Vila, Vanuatu. Generally speaking, my focus has remained on exploring the links between community, culture and identity. I am now based in Brisbane, Australia where I received a scholarship to undertake my doctorate as part of an international research project exploring emerging forms, uses and practices of 'journalism beyond the crisis'.

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