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As of the start of October, 2017, I have taken on the role of Media and Climate Editor at Impolitikal. Wahoo! 

Impolitikal is a media platform with a focus on social, political and economic issues. We are an international community of journalists, academics, activists and citizens, who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo and stand for something.

I'm very excited and humbled to be offered a role in shaping the future of Impolitikal. Not only does the platform have a really positive and ambitious mission, but being part this team is a fantastic opportunity to get out of my head. So often as a media researcher I'm theorising, rather than doing. I'm looking forward to actioning some of my thoughts on how to create spaces for conversation that offer an alternative - but equally valuable contribution - to the model of legacy news media. 

Visit Impolitikal to read our latest content, and learn more here about my role as Media and Climate Editor. On this page you'll also find a summary of my writing for Impolitikal, of which some of it is profiled on my portfolio too.